The Mesa Arts Center Jewelry Studios are among the best equipped facilities in the southwestern United States. The main bench room, is equipped with professional jeweler’s benches for every student. Each bench holds the basic hand tools, small jeweler’s vice and flex shaft. We will continue to add more photos so please check back soon. Click on an image to see a slideshow of larger images.

The Metals Studio equipment includes:

50-ton Bonnie Doon hydraulic press
20-ton deep draw Bonnie Doon hydraulic press
20-ton Potter hydraulic press
A large array of complementary equipment for each press
A wide variety of stakes and forming hammers in metal and Delrin
Multiple anvils of varying weights, secured to large stumps
A plexiglass shielded grinder/ polisher with a state of the art filtration system
2 belt sanders
2 rolling mills
1 electric rolling mill
Durston shear
Beverly shear
Various daps, punches and essential forming tools
Vacuum and centrifugal casters
2 Vulcanizers
2 dedicated burnout kilns
Wax injector
Compressed air and water lines
Acetylene tanks and Smith torches
Oxy-acetylene micro torches
A fully equipped soldering area with ventilation
Oxy-acetylene torch for casting and large scale soldering
Large electroforming bath and acids/ etching area
All jewelry hand-tools: pliers, saw frames, files, etc.


The Lapidary Studio accommodates enameling, lapidary, beading and precious metal clay (PMC).
Equipment includes:

Graves faceting machines
Diamond Pacific lapidary grinders
24″ slab saw and trim saws
4 new enameling kilns
1 ultra large enameling kiln
Large communal work table
Genie and Pixie lapidary machines
PMC Kilns
Acetylene B-tank torches
Hand tools and flex shafts


The Sculpture Studio equipment includes:

Oxy-acetylene welders
TIG welder
MIG welders
English wheel
Pedal shear
Bending brake
Various Grinders
Plasma cutter
Foundry equipment
Hydraulic press
Forges, anvils, tongs and hammers