The links page is here to provide you with handy access to suppliers, organizations and publications for the metals and jewelry world.
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Suppliers- Metals, Tools, Gems and Findings

  • SJ Jewelry Supply Phoenix, AZ- New local supplier for metals, enamels and jewelry tools
  • Langertz Netzband Jewelry Supply Phoenix, AZ- Local supplier on the west side of town for jewelry tools
  • Lonnie’s Phoenix, AZ- Local supplier for metals, enamels and jewelry tools
  • Rio Grande Albuquerque,NM- Huge online supplier for metal, stones, some enamel and tools
  • Hauser and Miller St Louis, MO- Online supplier for precious metals only: silver, gold, bi-metal
  • Hoover and StrongN. Chesterfield, VA- Wholesale jewelry manufacturer and supplier of precious metals and stones.
  • Reactive Metals Clarkdale, AZ- Niobium and titanium metals and findings. Mokume-gane blanks in sheet and rod and other Japanese alloys.
  • Fire Mountain GemsGrants Pass, OR- Jewelry tools, beads and findings.
  • ContentiPawtucket, RI- Range of high-end and economy jewelry tools. Very good prices.
  • Thunderbird Supply Gallup, Albuquerque, Flagstaff- Jewelry tools, mainly beads and findings, some metals.
  • Grobet Carlstadt, NJ- Jewelry tools and equipment. Call/ email for prices and terms.
  • David H. Fell LA and Phoenix- Fine metals refiner
  • Otto Frei San Francisco, CA- Jewelry tools, findings and supplies.
  • MSC Industrial Supply Melville, NY- Industrial tools and supplies.
  • Phoenix Jewelry Supply Scottsdale, AZ- Jewelry tools and random stuff.
  • Gesswein ToolsBridgeport, CT- Jewelry tools. They carry Superior #6 flux.
  • Metalliferous Metals and Tools Mount Vernon, NY- Jewelry tools and non-ferrous shapes for enameling.
  • Santa Fe Jewelers SupplyMercantile Court, NM- General jewelry supplier.
  • Industrial Metal Supply Tempe, AZ- Local supplier for copper, brass. Look for their “Artist Bin” towards the back of the showroom. Bring your metal gauge or print out a handy conversion chart here.
  • Sheltech Custom Dies and Cutting Belen, NM- custom pancake dies and cutting dies
  • Potter USA Tucson, AZ- Pancake and cutting dies, hydraulic presses, forming tools
  • Widget Supply Albany, OR- odd little site that carries a wide range of low end tools and small storage- very economical but not high quality
  • Harbor Freight Country-wide- Economical assortment of tools and equipment- somewhat hit or miss
  • Pieh Tools- Blacksmith and Farrier Tools Camp Verde, AZ- Hammers and other forming tools
  • McMaster Carr Atlanta, GA- Just about anything you can think of. Good place for Delrin- lots of interesting stuff
  • NC Black North Carolina- Billet steel milled custom hammers and forming tools
  • The Bead Man Hillsboro, OR- Extensive supply of jumprings and info on chain making
  • PJ Tool and Supply Bay Shore, NY- Assorted economy tools, ala Harbor Freight but with more emphasis on jewelry tools
  • Esslinger Saint Paul, MN- Jewelry and watch making tools/ supplies
  • SC Studio LLC Chasing and repousse tools and pitch. There’s no checkout- you have to contact him.

Suppliers- Etching, Plastics, Misc.

Suppliers- Enamels

  • Thompson Enamel Newport, KY- For lead-free enamels and supplies
  • Schlaifer’s Enameling Gardnerville, NV (no personal knowledge of this company)
  • Enamel Emporium This used to be Earl and Yoko Hutchens’ company. Not sure who owns it now. Wide variety of enamel brands.
  • Enamelwork Supply Seattle, WA- This is Coral Shaffer’s company and is very a very good source for enamels and other supplies.
  • E-namels Location unknown- Supplier of vintage enamels such as leaded Thompsons, Schauer, etc.
  • Vcella Kilns Chula Vista, CA- High quality kilns. We use these in the studio.
  • Amaco Kilns Indianapolis, IN- An industry leader in ceramic equipment and they make kilns for enameling as well.
  • Paragon Kilns Mesquite, TX- All they do is kilns.

Organizations/ Opportunities/ Events

Publications and Reference